Adjustable swirl diffusers NWP-PLUST

Adjustable Swirl - Radial Diffuser NWP-plus.
This type of diffusers is suitable for public premises such as offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, conference halls and other, where good heat comfort is required.
NWPplus diffuser have a unique function that allows adjusting the air blow pattern from horizontal to vertical. This feature makes NWPplus diffusers very useful in performing a qick warm-up.
After adjusting the air blow pattern into vertical, temperature in the premise rises approximately six times faster. This means that in a very short time proper heat comfort can be restored after brake in installation operation. Changer air blow intovertical and back to horizontal position happens when appropriate control signals are given to the actuator build-in diffuser.
It is recommended to use automatic diffuser controller manufactured by Flakt Bovent.
Range in installation height of NWPplus diffusres: 2,2 - 8,7 m above the floor.

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