Filtering ceilings for operating theatres


Filtering ceilings for operating theatres ISO 5 according to ISO 14644 Risk 4 according to NFS 90-351


DOPL: filtering ceilings for operating theatres with unidirectional flow on entire surface to protect including set-up for surgical lighting

  • made of galvanised steel, thickness 1 mm, RAL 9010 white epoxy coating
  • pressure plugs
  • outer 25 mm flange
  • side intake dimensions (A x B)
  • filter support frame th. 1.5 mm
  • stainless steel filter fastening device
  • air diffusion via perforated metal sheet with RAL 9010 finish (40% empty/full)
  • standard height 450 mm
  • suitable for H14 - U15 68-mm thick filters
  • FAL 4 = H14 filtration

Special executions

  • in AISI 304 stainless steel (on request)
  • lowered height (on request)
  • custom connections (on request)

DOP: ceiling without surgical lighting layout (on request)

According to ISO 14644

  • ISO 5 for complex surgical interventions such as transplants, prosthesis implantation, neurosurgery, oncology, orthopaedics, lasting more than 60 minutes
  • ISO 7 for surgical interventions without implant of foreign materials, such as minimally invasive vascular surgery, obstetrics, ophthalmology
  • ISO 8 for minor surgical interventions such as visceral surgery, day surgery, urology

According to NFS 90-351

Risk 1: zero risk or virtually zero risk of infection, e.g. standard treatment room, waiting room or transit area

Risk 2: medium risk of infection, e.g. rehabilitation room, maternity ward, recovery room, etc.

Risk 3: high risk of infection, e.g. radiology room, intensive care, neurosurgery or cardiology ward

Risk 4: very high risk of infection, e.g. orthopaedic operation, transplant ward or hyperbaric chamber


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